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The Finest Online Role Playing Game

An online role playing game not just about levels, skills and races. We aim beyond your expectations, seeking the essence of a role playing game, constantly evolving since 1999. Your character is more than a sheet: it is a life, where there is everything to choose from, including an intricate political system, warfare, personal combat second to none, professionally written text to inspire, and a host of other original additions. The First Age of Avalon is the longest-lasting role playing game online, which has never stopped aiming for perfection in every aspect. It is a world unto itself, unparalleled in quality and complexity. Come and experience the power of this realm where it is difficult to separate reality and the adventurous life of Avalon. It is a breath-taking journey into the imagination, where a game is no longer a game, where you, and only you, set the limits of the possible!

"The best online role playing game on the web." - Cyberflash TV on CANAL+
"Avalon is probably the largest and most complex role playing MUD ever." - Acorn User Magazine

Testimonials about our online role playing game.

The First Age of Avalon

"Now is a time of great struggle and adventure, the war of innumerable factions and the grandeur of divinities and mortals. The moment has come for legendary figures to rise from the ashes of conflict. Everywhere there is the opportunity for remarkable statemanship, valour and knowledge. The sage and the politician, the warrior and the idealist, the craftsman and the penitent worshipper, the wanderer and the city-maker come together in a clash of raw energy. This is the First Age, where the dreams of great men and awe-inspiring women begin..."

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Role Playing Online

Role playing is both an enjoyable and serious matter with us at First Age. We are devoted to constantly improving the land, without compromising our most treasured feature: consistency. Advancement, role playing and expansion of your horizons are fully within your power. We believe that the essence of a truly unique game is to not prostitute its efforts: you must earn your place in Avalon. You cannot buy advantages for your character with gold, dollars or favours. Everyone is on a level playing field. Fighting, politics and the intricacies of the realm have been carefully balanced for years. Trust in the quality of a role playing game like no other. Here you have the opportunity to play the only online game which has been evolving for over a decade and a half!

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